• Zelensky Action Figure
  • Zelensky Action Figure
  • Zelensky Action Figure

Zelensky Action Figure

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Think back to the first time you heard the name Zelenksy. If you’re American, it was probably in 2019, when those audio recordings surfaced. The ones where he was the obscure foreign leader on the other end of a phone call, being extorted by none-other-than Donald Trump. 

Ultimately, the impeachment came and went. It basically fizzled. You'd be forgiven for thinking that would be the end of the story.

Flash forward...

It’s 2022 and, all of sudden, there’s a full-on war erupting in Europe. Putin's on the march. Tanks are rolling. Guns are firing. Bombs are dropping.  And there he is again, right in the middle of it - Zelensky. We know that name, don’t we?

It's that very same man but he seems transformed.  The suit and tie are gone.  The polite, diplomatic filters have been removed.  Now he’s David facing Goliath. It's a terrible spot to be in - but it would be also be hard to imagine anyone handling it better.

He's not a superhero.  But he sure is heroic.