Prison Suit Trump
Action Figure

Is this for real? That's up to you!

We are crowdfunding this product. If enough people want it, we will make it!


Q. When will it ship?

A. November 2023. (estimated)

Q. When will I be charged?

A. You'll be charged when you place your order.

Q. What if it doesn't ship on time or I change my mind?

A. You can cancel or edit your order at any time prior to fulfillment. We give you all the tools to do it quickly and easily, all on your own.

Q. Can I just wait till they're in stock to order?

A: Absolutely, but we can't guarantee there will be any left by then.

Q. What if I just want to ask my questions to a human?

A: We've got several...

Project Updates

We're keeping you posted on the production timeline with regular updates on our blog.